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Franz Goessmann offers ist customers and suppliers the prospect of long-term, mutually beneficial businessrelationships.


We would like to introduce our company FG Franz Goessmann GmbH. It is a need for us to give you multi-faceted, informative image of us so that you get to know us.


We want a business relationship for both sides and offer our suppliers a longer-term cooperation.


Goessmann`s customers are industry professionals who need support from an equally professional partner, able to
provide expertise in a particular field.


We focus  on permanent improvement and innovation.


We want more, because we respect you not only as a specialist, but in the first place as a human being. Shared success is important to us.

We are a certified company:

The FG Franz Goessmann GmbH is a certified company. Here you can download the certificates. The certification "ISO-9001" includes development, manufacture and assembly of systems for surface and wastewater treatment and metalworking. The certificate "WHG" certifies that we are checked and approved as a specialist company.


More than six decades of successful operations have driven growth in all areas of our business and made us an important factor in the marketplace. Throughout those years we have registered continuous expansion in our electroplating, rectifier, chemicals and water purifaction divisions. Our cumulative expertise represents a solid platform for addressing customer needs, and at the same time avoiding many of potential pitfalls we have become aware of through these many

Goessmann, you can count on us!