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We focus on permanent improvement and innovation.

The Moldau by Smetana, Luciano Pavarotti or your favorite pop artist. A command performance in the comfort of your own living room. True-to life reproduction with acoustic qualities nothing short of superb. This is the ultimate result of perfect harmony among all the players involved in production. Goessman is one member of the orchestra.

The World Press Photo. Art Director`s Club Medal, Aunt Hilda`s 90th birthday – every snapshot first must pass through the camera lens before becoming contemporary history. Goessmann assists in making a bit of history.

Cheers! German beer has a worldwide reputation for quality. This is guaranteed not only by the Purity Decree dating all the way back to 1516, but also by the fresh flavour bubbling form the tap. When you next call for a draft beer, it it quite possible that Goessmann was involved in producing the kegs.

The age-old dream of manned flight has today become routine. Continents are drawn closer together; far-away isles become easy-to-reach holiday destinations. This is due to large part to the perfection of the jet engines and Goessmann is proud to have made a contribution to this effort.

Haute couture, creation and flair. A long way from the design to the wardrobe. Goessmann handles textile machine components that make fashion possible. Voila!

Crystal-chandeliers - light in ist most elegant form. The combination of the light source an the materials creates a very special atmosphere. Electroplating plants by Goessmann provide the fine finish, putting he chandeliers in the most favorable light.

Clear cutting in South Amerika, a stormy low over the Bay of Biscay, a fax from Frankfurt to Kyoto- today information t akes about 0,28 seconds to cover a distance that took months just a century ago. Goessmann helps speed messages around the planet.

We are a certified company:

The FG Franz Goessmann GmbH is a certified company. Here you can download the certificates. The certification "ISO-9001" includes development, manufacture and assembly of systems for surface and wastewater treatment and metalworking. The certificate "WHG" certifies that we are checked and approved as a specialist company.